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Thoughts on introductory day trading:

The Coronavirus pandemic has affected our overall health and population worldwide. That’s a different story from the possibilities it has opened up for self-sufficient individuals blossoming into introductory day traders due to their time off work. For many people across the world and the U.S., it has probably completely taken over as a new profession. You gotta do what you gotta do.

Debating whether or not you should start day trading is only a decision you can make for yourself and there’s certainly nothing wrong with being hesitant about it. Even if you feel the time isn’t right, you can still follow the market and even participate in live simulated trading with one of the many trading platforms provided online.

Personally, I am a beginner day trader and I intend on having similar people as my audience in my blogging regarding trading. Pretty much all of my prior blogging experience has been about basketball, which I can go on and on about. Even though I might not find it as easy to expand my horizons on discussing day trading, I am well-aware there is in fact a lot to talk about as I continue gaining more wisdom on the market.

One difference from sports blogging is that you can’t really sound “stupid” when talking about day trading. Because there are different levels of experience involved in this game, the content I share could be suitable to some readers, while other more knowledgeable readers might just appreciate my insight even if they don’t personally benefit from reading it.

The only buzzing topic I wanted to bring up within trading from the last few months is the technology sector and how heavily traded it remains. Certain stocks such as Apple, Microsoft and Nvidia have seen massive volume and growth as some of the most opportunistic stocks of 2020. It would be natural for these stocks, especially Nvidia, to slow down at some point in the near future. However, the bigger picture still screams success and more revenue to be generated.

The first quarter marked by far Nvidia’s all-time best quarterly revenue. What’s really interesting about this cash cow is its innate ability to be incorporated with other large-scale companies such as Tesla. Since Nvidia specializes in creating graphics processors and media communications devices, many other companies have turned into peers by utilizing what Nvidia has to offer.

That’s what I have for you in my brief debut article on day trading. I look forward to expanding my viewership as I continue my efforts of being more accustomed to day-trading gossip on a monthly basis.


Statement on Kobe and Gianna

The tragic helicopter crash that took the lives of nine individuals, including NBA legend Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna, has left people all around the world in painful disbelief and immense sadness. My deepest condolences also go out to the families of the other seven individuals involved in the accident.

Saying that Bryant’s illustrious professional basketball career left me in awe would be a major understatement. Bryant blessed me with an electrifying 81-point outing in January of 2006, a record that no player has touched since the 1970’s and maybe it’s meant to stay that way.

Bryant was a lot more than just one of the greatest basketball players and world-class athletes of all-time. There were very few people that embodied the spirit of the game as much as Bryant, if anyone at all.

Bryant embodied the spirit of the game so much that he can perhaps be deemed as that of a prophecy, one that will continue to look over all of the young athletes throughout the world upon his successful attempt to revolutionize the game of basketball.

Thank You, Kobe.


Zachary Tennen