Statement on the passing of Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna

The tragic helicopter crash that took the lives of nine individuals, including NBA legend Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna, has left people all around the world in painful disbelief and immense sadness. My deepest condolences also go out to the families of the other seven individuals involved in the accident.

Saying that Bryant’s illustrious professional basketball career left me in awe would be a major understatement. Bryant blessed me with an electrifying 81-point outing in January of 2006, a record that no player has touched since the 1970’s and maybe it’s meant to stay that way.

Bryant was a lot more than just one of the greatest basketball players and world-class athletes of all-time. There were very few people that embodied the spirit of the game as much as Bryant, if anyone at all.

Bryant embodied the spirit of the game so much that he can perhaps be deemed as that of a prophecy, one that will continue to look over all of the young athletes throughout the world upon his successful attempt to revolutionize the game of basketball.

Thank You, Kobe.


Zachary Tennen